Our Mission Value and Objectives

Mission Of Our OKC Criminal Defense, Civil & Criminal Law Firm

Most clients walk into our office at some of, if not the worst, times in their lives.  It is our mission to guide people through the judicial process in a confident and informative manner, working with our clients to attain the best possible outcome.

Goals Of Our OKC Criminal Defense, Civil & Criminal Law Firm

The goal of our Oklahoma City Law Firm is to achieve the best possible result in each of our client’s individual and unique case.

To develop meaningful and productive relationships with our clients based on integrity, respect and concern for their individual and legal needs and circumstances.

To increase client satisfaction levels during all phases of the client’s case.

To create valuable relationships with suppliers and vendors by treating them like business partners and caring as much for the success of their business as our own.

Our Commitment To Excellent Client Service

Our Oklahoma City Law Firm understands how scary the legal process can be. We strive to ensure that clients fully understand the legal process and get the quality care and attention that they need. The firm employs a full time Certified Legal Assistant whose primary job is to work closely with Christopher and help our clients to fully understand the legal process and what the firm is doing on their behalf.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Anti-Discrimination

Diversity and inclusion matter at Reser Law, PC. We believe differences are appreciated, valued, and respected. We strictly prohibit discrimination against any potential client, client, employee or job candidate because of the individual’s race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, domestic partnership status, genetic predisposition or carrier status, military status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

This policy applies to all Reser Law, PC activities, including but not limited to, case selection, legal services provided to clients, recruitment, hiring, compensation, assignment, training, promotion, self-development opportunities, social and recreational programs, discipline and discharge. This policy also bans discriminatory harassment.

Reser Law, PC in Oklahoma City provides reasonable accommodation consistent with the law to clients, potential clients, qualified employees and prospective employees with a disability and to clients, potential clients, employees and prospective employees with needs related to their religious observance or practices.